Monday, September 25, 2023
Modern Bathroom Vanities

How to Update Your Modern Bathroom Vanities?


There is nothing as satisfying as updating your house. Bathrooms, in particular, are an incredible place to transform a pale look into something refreshing. With only a few changes, such as new lighting, new paint, and an update to your bathroom vanity, you can transform something stale into something bazinga.

However, the question is how to update your modern bathroom vanities. Well, the good news is you can easily update your bathroom vanity. Some of these things you can do all by yourself. But others might require you to get hold of a professional. Once you decide on a budget, you start working on the project. It will help you understand the best direction to obtain a fresh new look.

1.   Install New Hardware

The easiest method to update your discount bathroom vanities is to swap out old and outdated handles and knobs for something that is stylish. With a few tools, you can complete the project in no time. There are different styles of pulls and knobs out there in the market. So, you will have to make the right choice.

You can get them in Bronze, Brass, and Steel finish. With retro ceramic knobs, you can get a classic look for your kitchen.

2.   Use a Fresh Coat of Paint

Another great way to update your bathroom vanity cabinets is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Since these vanities are frequently used, painting them will be a little more complicated than painting a wall. However, it can be done to last. The painting will give your space a new look.

To paint your bathroom, your first step is to take out the hardware. Make sure that you take out the hinges and doors. Take out the drawers and tape the walls, countertops, and other things that don’t have to be painted.

Lightly sand the surface using a sanding block. Prime the surface with an old-based primer. When it dries up, paint over the primed surface. Apply two coats for even coverage.

3.   Install New Faucets

Another way to update the bathroom vanity is to install new plumbing fixtures. Based on the handiness, you might want to hire a plumber to install them for you. A professional plumber will also be able to complete the job within a shorter time. Just as new hardware, choosing faucets can be exciting and daunting.

4.   Choose a New Countertop

When you have taken care of your vanity base and hardware, your old countertops might seem dated and tired. Replacing the countertop requires more extensive work. You have to remove the plumbing fixtures and sink, take out the old ones, and repaint them if damage has been done to the walls while replacing them. However, if you want a new countertop, it is really worth it.

You will find a plethora of options out there from quartz to granite, to concentrate, you can even select copper sheets or a leather product. In case you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to reconstruct and deconstruct, then just a peel-and-stick paper will give you a marble look.

5.   Replace the Old Vanity

Vanities are like any other piece of furniture. Taking out the old vanity and choosing a new one, such as white shaker cabinets will give you a whole new look for the kitchen. However, for this, you are going to need a professional plumber to take out and rehook the fixtures. However, this is an easy and quick to get a new vanity for your bathroom. Choose something that is going to go with your bathroom décor.


It is convenient to update the vanity. No matter whether you are choosing simple hardware or a whole new look, you have ample choices at hand to update your bathroom vanity. 

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