Monday, September 25, 2023
6 Smart Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

6 Smart Ways to Improve Your Bathroom


Traditionally, a bathroom has a simple toilet and tub. But a modern one is elaborate in terms of design and space. A current bathroom is also designed in a way it can cater to the needs of the homeowner.

While it is difficult to set up a Jacuzzi in a bathroom, there are several smart ways of improving this space. Some of the boggling ways that magnify the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom include:

  1. Retile and Refresh

Old tiles may easily drag your bathroom and even leave potential buyers underwhelmed. So you might want to replace your tiles before you sell the property.

Although it might be a costly outlay, tiling a bathroom will have a great impact, particularly if two or three tiles have been cracked.

But if your tiles are still in good shape, you may still refresh them. You may use tile paint to achieve this goal.

  1. Install ADA Shower System

For individuals with mobility problems, getting out and in a shower might be tricky and dangerous. In this case, you may have ADA compliant shower system installed for easy access to the shower.

This barrier-free wheelchair system features a contour-flexible threshold and a ramp. Both handicap stalls for showers also come with a pressure-balanced mixing trim and valve, allowing you to take a bath without worrying about your safety.

  1. Add Some Plants

Nothing will brighten up your boring bathroom like some plants. They don’t just add a beautiful pop of color. Plants also lift wilted spirits and freshen stale air. So you know, plants, which thrive in typical bathroom surroundings, dig warmth and humidity.

If you got a brown thumb, you might try low-maintenance beauties, like aspidistra, mother-in-law’s tongue, and spider plant.

  1. Include Artwork

Adding pieces of artwork that you would love and be happy to look at every day is a perfect way to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly project. You may check out the local thrift stores for many old prints and paintings.

You might as well get inexpensive frames at IKEA or Michael’s. This is a perfect way to add personality to your bathroom and incorporate a store-bought mass-produced print vs. a meaningful art.

  1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Refreshing your bathroom paintwork will easily uplift your space. Go for mold-resistant paint for your walls. And if you want to paint the radiators or tiles, ensure you go for the right paint.

Replacing bath sealants will make a great difference in how your bathroom looks, especially if old sealants are discolored or moldy.

  1. Set up Wall Storage

Most homeowners have a sink cabinet in the bathroom so as to keep their hair accessories, toilet paper, and towels, just to name a few. But sink cabinets usually take up large floor space.

To have an open bathroom layout and widen the space, get rid of your cabinet and opt for standard pedestal sinks.

In a Nutshell!

Having a new bathroom with fresh looks and updated features doesn’t mean that you replace everything. Rather, it means you may enjoy your new bathroom by making minor changes without breaking the bank.

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